Jenny's Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop wonderful game in which you have to feed and raise fish
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Owl Studio

Jenny's Fish Shop is a nice and wonderful game in which you have to help Jenny to build her own aquarium by selling fish in her shop. The game features colorful and spectacular graphics, great sounds and an addictive gameplay. To get the game, you first have to install the iWin Games Manager and the game will be downloaded and installed automatically. It will require a few minutes. In the game, you will have to decorate the shop and surroundings to call the attention of customers, feed and raise the exotic fish with different kinds of foods, and outfit your shop with the latest equipments. At the beginning you have to choose a companion, either Sharky the fish or Taz the Turtle. Then, you have to select the fish and put them in different tanks. Each fish, require different types of tank decorations and type food. As the game progresses, the fish will have other needs apart from food, such as having their tanks clean, witching on the air jets or lights, or receiving medications in case they get ill. Although it offers the option of buying it, you can play for free for the time you want, since it does have any limits. Jenny's Fish Shop is a fascinating and enjoyable game, but it features a slow pace game. If you are patient enough to go through the 10 levels, you are going to love this game. It supports Windows XP/Vista.

Silvana Mansilla
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